Hospital Cover South Africa – Understanding the concept of “buying-down”

There is currently a lot of uncertainty in South Africa Not only is there a litany of prevailing negative connotations but we also have to accept that many aspects of society are currently in transition phase. None more so than in healthcare, as progress and concessions are slowly being negotiated towards the future roll-out of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system.   Healthcare is often viewed as a grudge purchase – a necessary expense with questionable returns.


Hospital Cover South Africa – Downgrading your Hospitalisation Cover in tough times

It is often the case that the extent of your medical cover will need to align with your financial situation. Despite the rising cost of healthcare premiums in RSA, a medical aid plan remains a necessity. Equally as important , is  a hospital plan – either as standalone cover or as part of an all-inclusive policy. Maintaining your family’s current hospital cover South Africa policy, however, might not always be sustainable. Be it a life-changing event or


Hospital Cover South Africa – The Impact of Waiting Periods on your Hospital Plan

If you are on any form of medical aid or medical insurance product, there are waiting periods  built into your policy which will restrict your ability to claim from your hospital plan for certain periods of time. Waiting Periods have been around since the dawn of the insurance industry and are too often overlooked when deciding on the most suitable hospital cover in South Africa for your family. It’s vital you know where you stand when


Hospital Cover South Africa – What to expect when reactivating your Cover

Hospital Cover in South Africa is a necessary expense which can save you substantial costs and stress in the event of an unforeseen emergency or treatment. Due to a wide range of economic reasons, many South Africans face no alternative but to cancel their hospital plan at a certain stage. When the outlook improves and you are in a more comfortable situation to reactivate your hospital cover, you need to be aware of what to expect. Restoring


The Important Role of Wellness alongside Hospital Cover in South Africa

As you read the title of this article, you’re probably asking yourself, “What would health and wellness have to do with hospital cover In South Africa?”. Quite a lot, actually! With the exception of unforeseen accidents and emergencies, leading a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in protecting your health and avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.   Rather than scaring you into undertaking a drastic lifestyle overhaul, consider the essentials of wellness while improving your chances


Factoring in the potential co-payments incurred through Hospital Cover South Africa

When considering basic healthcare coverage to protect you and your family, South African hospital plans are the quintessential low-cost options which help to offset the financial costs of hospitalization. Healthcare is something we simply can’t compromise on, yet the steady increase in medical aid premiums has put increasing strain on household finances. The source of these rising premiums is partly related to the co-payment system This often crippling extra bill, is an amount you

Hospital Cover South Africa you can Afford

Section 27 of the South African Constitution states that ‘it is everyone’s fundamental human right to be able to access quality healthcare’. However, for millions of RSA citizens, excessive premiums combined with employment uncertainty means that even the most basic hospital cover South Africa is unobtainable. If this is the reality that your family faces, bear with us, as there are encouraging signs that the tide has shifted, with the emergence of low-cost hospital benefit options

Hospital Cover South Africa - A Stepping Stone to Healthcare Cover

Hospital Cover South Africa as a Stepping Stone to Healthcare Cover

Acquiring full Hospital Cover South Africa for your entire family has become obscenely expensive with monthly combined premiums that can veer close to your Bond repayments. While it may seem unjustifiable to be paying exorbitant amounts for the “guarantee” of medical services, it remains essential to have some degree of health insurance in South Africa. Hospital Cover South Africa is the ideal stepping stone into affordable medical insurance, with the safeguard that your medical bills will be

The Best Hospital Cover in South Africa

Hospital Plan – Your ideal Entry Level to Healthcare in RSA A Hospital Plan, as the name suggests, is designed to assist RSA citizens with covering healthcare costs incurred as a result of a hospital visit. Unlike a Day to Day plan, a Hospital Plan provides you with In-Hospital Illness Cash Benefits from the day you are admitted to hospital until the day you are discharged. A Hospital Plan, while being a limited form of cover, allows any

Hospital Cover South Africa – your absolute bare Healthcare essential

  Hospital Plans – the Non-Negotiable in protecting your Health in RSA. With rising medical aid premiums becoming an ‘expense too far’ for many RSA households, belonging to a quality Hospital Plan has become a critical part of protecting you and your family’s health and wellbeing. Being hospitalized is an unforeseen event with medical costs rising according to the medical procedures and care required. A Hospital Plan provides you with In-Hospital Illness Cash Benefits to alleviate the costs of your